University Heights, one of San Diego's oldest and most historic communities, offers residents and visitors a unique combination of history, architecture, theatre, music, art, and great restaurants. Located only five miles from downtown San Diego, University Heights is close to everything yet provides quiet, safe neighborhoods, and a vibrant community life. We are one of San Diego's most walkable communities with well-maintained sidewalks and a variety of restaurants, shops, and grocery stores within walking or biking distance.

New Parking Meters for University Heights


New Smart Single Space Meters

Installed In the Park Blvd. Commercial District


The University Heights Community Parking District announces that through its parking meter revenues of 45% and the City’s 55% that the old meter heads have been replaced by Smart Single Space Meters.  The new meters have wireless technology that communicates in real-time with a back office management system.  At any time Parking Meter Operations staff can see all meter transactions and actual amount of coin in the meter. As of March 92% of the new meters have been installed citywide.


The meters in the back office also contain location information; for example, the specific Community Parking District, neighborhood, and sub areas.  The City can also change the configuration (rate/time limits) of any single meter, or group of meters from the back office.


The new meters also send text/email messages directly to Parking Meter Operations staff to alert them of any issues (coin jams, outages, errors, etc.).  This allows staff to dispatch a technician immediately to address issues.


The new meters currently accept coin, credit card (Visa and MasterCard), and City of San Diego pre-paid parking card.  A pilot project is in the working stages to accept mobile payments on a smart phone application which customers can use to purchase time at the meters.


The City’s Parking District website is currently being updated.  Soon it will have lots of great information on the new meters.





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